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CGN School

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Key Features

CGN School has four key elements:

  • A personalized experience with student, parent, and counselor dashboards, curated playlists organized by grade level, and a searchable database of on-demand videos, toolkits, and podcasts. Some resources have translations available in Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

  • Counselor Corner, special events and resources to support counselors and provide professional development opportunities regarding college and career planning.

  • Year-round live programming which includes a college and career expert speaker series (see below) and college advising seminars.

  • Special interests content to meet the needs of a variety of students. Topics range from athletic recruiting, performing arts admission, learning support services, and more.

Live Expert Speaker Series

This is a year-round programming initiative that brings national experts into the living rooms of counselors, students, and parents.  It is our mission for all students to have access to high-quality college and career planning information, so we recruit speakers and offer live shows that are recorded and made accessible on-demand.

  • Experts include Deans of Admissions, financial aid experts, educational leaders, authors, and students who bring their experience and perspective.

  • Typically aired at 7:30PM (EST) on weekdays. Discussion is followed by live Q&A.

  • Television production standards are employed to deliver a professional experience.

  • Over 25,000 counselors, students, and parents have attended one or more events. The average satisfaction rating on 1-10 scale is 8.5. Over 40% of attendees rate a 10. 

School Customers

  • Over 700 school counselors throughout the country and world use CGN School’s live college and career expert speaker series.

  • Schools that are using the full CGN School platform range from public, parochial, independent, charter, suburban, urban, and rural.  These schools represent a broad audience of students with varying needs and interests.

  • Community based organizations such as Boys and Girls Club and others serving a diverse group of student populations and needs.

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